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WordPress and AMP 1

It’s a mobile-first world now and as such, AMP was hinted at for being big in 2017 by Google according to  Because we have many clients who use WordPress, we wanted to know if there was a good plugin for WordPress to get client sites easily up to speed.

What Is AMP?

AMP is an open standard for mobile that loads pages almost instantly. Google may prioritize these AMP pages in searches, helping your page rank better in searches. If you have a poor site, AMP will not save it, but if you add AMP to a great site, that is SEO friendly, you may experience better metrics such as increased impressions, clicks or improved bounce rates. is a great starting point if you want to learn more in-depth details about AMP.

Adding the AMP Plugin

Adding the AMP Plugin is incredibly easy. Just go to your Plugins section, and add a new plugin. From there, you want to search for “Accelerated Mobile Pages” and “AMP” as you need to add both plugins. The two programs essentially work right out of the box, assuming you have a basic grasp of WordPress, design, and SEO. You will have to go through the options to set your site up how you want it, however, there were no crazy steps I needed to take. The most challenging thing I may have done (which was a 1/10 on the challenge scale) was adding an amp-friendly logo for the site. The spots that needed extra care were in Google Search Console which I will touch upon further down.

Testing that AMP is working

Once you have AMP up and running, it’s simple to test it out. Just add /amp to any url. For example, you can see our site in AMP by going to  **Please note, I set up AMP for this site using pretty much the default settings. This example is by no means to show you an incredible AMP site, but more so how easy it is to get an AMP site up and running and approved in Google Search Console.

Search Console and AMP

Once your AMP site is up and going, you’ll want to keep an eye on Search Console to see if your AMP pages are throwing an error. You’ll find this under Search Appearance –> Accelerated Mobile Pages.

I did have AMP pages that had errors. They were pages with extra javascript on them. These pages were not meant for AMP as they were SEO tools meant for desktops.  The AMP plugin made it easy to turn off AMP for these pages. All you need to do is go to the page, look in the right-hand column, and choose the “hide” option. In a couple of days, when you check back in search console, there shouldn’t be an error.

amp example in wordpress


If you have questions, the developers of these AMP apps have great documentation to help you out. This blog is more of an informative blog to let you know that AMP is possible for WordPress and quite easy to achieve for any SEO hero. If you have any AMP plugins or recommendations, I would love to hear from you!

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