SEO Hero Toolbox

Follow Rocketeer the SEO Hero on the quest to dominate the internet space. SEO Heroes all need the right tools for the job.

Rocketeer will be providing some useful tools in this section of the website to help you with on-page optimization, audits, directory work, analytics and more.

Event Tracking Code Builder

The Event Tracking Builder helps you build event code for buttons and links. Events are a great way to track the interactivity of your buttons and links to help you make decisions about their effectiveness. Furthermore, you can turn your most valuable events into goals, which lets you track your conversion rates. You can also use Multi-Channel Funnels and Attribution to see what is driving your conversions.

JSON-LD Tool for Multiple Local Businesses

Do you have two or more business locations in your footer, but have no idea how to build your local business structured data? Our JSON-LD Tool can help. Please be advised, while this tool lets everything validate in Google’s Structured Data Tester, it is still unknown if it makes an impact. Still with Structured Data and Schema code being an important factor in 2017, it can’t hurt to try.

ISNUMBER for Excel

Become and SEO Hero with this handy little ISNUMBER formula generator that lets you categorize keywords that are pulled from your Search Console’s data. You can then funnel these categories into an Excel Pivot table to impress your boss or client.

Search Analytics in Google Sheets

Not one of our SEO Hero Tools, but it’s a tool we use frequently to manage our search console data. If you’ve ever wanted to have your search analytics keywords backup automatically, this tool will do it for you. As well it tells what search query brought you to a specific landing page. This Moz article by Mihai Aperghis on Search analytics in Google Sheets will get you started. Once you’ve read that blog, come back to our site to learn how you can use this tool to deliver data driven on-page SEO.