About Rocketeer the SEO Hero

RocketeerRocketeer the SEO Hero is Rocket Digital’s new site for beating Wix at their SEO Hero Challenge.

In response to some negative reports about their SEO, Wix has offered $50,000 to anyone that can rank the highest for the phrase “seo hero” at the end of a 4 month period ending March 16th, 2017.

We thought this would be a great opportunity for us in many ways. Obviously, winning the challenge would be great, but we have several goals for this site as we plan on using it long-term:

The site serves as a testing ground for some new tools and techniques, and a learning situation for Rocket Digital employees. As other agencies are aware, you don’t always get to “play around” with client sites, so we’ll be free to try out some new things with this site.

Everyone entering this contest is approaching it from a variety of angles. Some sites are dedicated to well-known heroes like Rand Fishkin and Brian Dean. Others are instructional, such as Wix’s own seoheroschool.com. And others are providing news and ranking for the challenge. The question is what Google will think is most relevant to that query.

Rocketeer’s goal is to provide the SEO tools necessary to help you become an SEO hero too. We’re working on providing an SEO Hero Toolbox which will feature tools that will help with on-page SEO, schema code creation, event tracking, directory submissions, google reviews, audits, reporting and more. We’re in the process of rolling these out over the next several months so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to know when they are ready.

We also hope to connect with you – fellow SEO heroes from around the globe – in our common quest to conquer the internet space.