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Schema code or Structured Data can sometimes be challenging to put on website. In wordpress, for example, depending on your theme, WordPress might meddle with your code, making it invalid. Or, if you’re an agency working on a variety of sites, you might not have ftp access to add it […]

Adding JSON-LD Review Schema with Google Tag Manager

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If you’re trying to track events on a Squarespace site, you are probably visiting this page as you’ve realized that it’s not the easiest thing to do.  Particularly for Forms and items in the header/footer, like telephone calls or email clicks. We certainly had a few problems, but fortunately we […]

Adding Event Tracking to Squarespace Forms

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Starting last November, Rocket Digital participated in an SEO performance contest hosted by Wix. Titled “SEO Hero”, the contest gave three months to see who could create a new website that ranked #1 for “SEO Hero” in New York city. The rules were simple. Your site had to be a […]

What We Learned from the SEO Hero Contest

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Event tracking is a very helpful Google Analytics tool to have in your SEO Hero Toolbox. When you use event tracking you can track all sorts of things like clicks on links, form submits or values filled into a search bar. If you are new to event tracking, and trying […]

SEO Hero Training: Adding Event Tracking to a Phone Number

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It’s a mobile-first world now and as such, AMP was hinted at for being big in 2017 by Google according to  Because we have many clients who use WordPress, we wanted to know if there was a good plugin for WordPress to get client sites easily up to speed. […]

WordPress and AMP

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After reading Chris Ainsworth’s excellent article on Schema Mark-Up via JSON-LD for Local Businesses, I decided to create a Multiple Local Business JSON-LD Tool to help string up to six businesses together. The tool follows Chris’ template, however I added in ‘Image’, as Google’s structured data tester recommended each local […]

Structured Data for Multiple Business Locations

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Several months ago, Jeremy Gottlieb wrote an excellent blog on Moz called ‘One Formula to Rule Them All: SEO Data Analysis Made Easy in Excel‘. The article had terrific advice on using the Excel ISNUMBER formula to sort Excel data to create insights. After using the formula so much, I […]

ISNUMBER Excel Formula Generator – Drive your SEO Forward

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Canada is a BIG place. In fact, it’s the second largest country in the entire world! Across Canada’s huge landscape, there are a lot of businesses that are all competing with one another to get your attention. Aside from all the big businesses, Canada alone has over a million small businesses and each of […]

The Top 10 Free Canadian Directories Ranked By Rocketeer the ...

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Using Search Analytics to Re-optimize (and Rescue) Your Pages On-page SEO is truly both an art and a science. On one hand, you need to use words that entice people to click on your search results as well as lead them to take the appropriate action once they get to […]

Data Driven On-Page SEO: Be a Hero to Your Underperforming ...

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What I enjoy about the SEO universe is that it is a busy place that is full of hundreds of problem-solving challenges. There are dozens of different CMS styles out there, all with their own quirks. As you bounce back and forth from problem to problem, over time you tend […]

SEO Hero Tips: Event Tracking in Contact Form 7